Health and Safety

Health and Safety

The health and safety of Century employees and contractors is our priority above all others.  We are committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees and contractors and health and safety is not compromised by any other business priority.

Health and safety programs will include training for employees, specific training for emergency response teams, recognition programs for achievement as well as an information flow for continuous safety improvement.

Key Aspects of our Health and Safety Policy include:

  • Companies providing services to Century, including contractors, must comply with the same high standards of health and safety as the Company;
  • Century will provide facilities, equipment, tools, procedures, safety programs and training for employees to work in a healthily manner and be injury free;
  • Employees in leadership positions are responsible for supporting the Company’s overall Safety Program and guiding and instructing employees to use safe working practices and to comply with safety rules; andd
  • The Company intends to comply with all applicable regulations and standards established by regulatory bodies concerning the health and safety of our employees and contractors.

Century will:

  • Provide adequate resources for health, safety, and environmental programs;
  • Focus on continuous improvement in effectiveness of health and safety by using best practice procedures;
  • Comply with all appropriate legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice;
  • Establish and implement a Health and Safety Management system together with generating a positive culture of the primary importance of safety and health as well as environmental responsibility;
  • Manage risk by hazard identification, elimination and monitoring;
  • Ensure employees and contractors are fully instructed and trained to perform their duties safely;
  • Use positive reinforcement and involve employees and contractors in the development of health and safety procedures; and
  • Co-operate with government and local communities on health, safety and environmental issues to develop a positive contribution to best practice and to maximize performance.