Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainable development require a balance between the environmental and the economic impacts of the development process. In no other industry is this more important than in mining, which has an impact on the social conditions of the people directly affected. In many cases these are indigenous peoples for whom social effects can be particularly difficult and disruptive when they conflict with traditional cultures and relationships.

Century is fully committed to a policy of corporate responsibility and sustainability in all aspects of its operations. This is grounded in Century’s conviction that its commitment to these principles, along with continuing dialogue with local communities, will ensure their involvement and mutual cooperation. We believe that with ongoing dialogue in good faith, they will come to realize the full benefits that each project can bring to the community while resolving their concerns.

To carry out these policies successfully, these commitments must be integrated into every aspect of planning, as well as into the implementation of all exploration and operational activities, so that potential concerns and conflicts can be identified and resolved in the early stages of the process rather than becoming more acute and divisive. This requires Century’s commitment to meet and exceed all provincial and federal regulations as well as local concerns. This is why we engage stakeholders in continuing consultations to ensure that all concerns are heard and addressed.

Century will also cooperate closely with stakeholders in the collection of environmental and social baseline data to anticipate and address potential negative effects that could be avoided, minimized or mitigated measures. It is particularly important to anticipate and prepare for rehabilitation of the environment at the mining site after mining is complete.

Century’s policies are fully committed to active engagement with local aboriginal communities and businesses affected by its operations, seeking their agreement in each project area to ensure that they participate fairly and equitability in sharing the benefits.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Century’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is responsible for the oversight and management of consultations with First Nations as well as the implementation of business activities that involve or have an impact on First Nations communities.  In addition, under its Charter, this Committee will assume responsibility over the areas previously assigned to the Environmental Sustainability and the Health and Safety Committees. These responsibilities include the review and approval of policies and monitoring of the Company’s activities as they relate to environmental issues, reporting to the Board on environmental matters relating to the Company, reviewing and approving health and safety policies, monitoring Company activities as they relate to health, safety and social issues in communities affected by the Company, and reporting to the Board on health and safety issues.